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Signal Integrity Simulation Analysis

Our significant investments in our Signal Integrity (SI) infrastructure has enhanced the value in each unit. With an experienced engineering staff in-house, and state-of-the-art signal integrity analysis testing services tools, our products reach the highest quality standards. Our flexible options allow us to customize each project to our client’s needs. Our board designs are subject to significant pre and post routing for signal integrity analysis, cross talk analysis, transmission line design, correct terminations, electro-magnetic interference, thermal and manufacturing requirements.

Simulation Involved Aspects
  • Pre Layout Simulation
  • Post Layout Simulation
  • In our signal integrity analysis testing services approach we address the following areas:
    • Floor Planning analysis
    • Develop constraints to be followed during routing
    • Topology Design
    • Transmission Line
    • Termination Design
    • Post Layout Verification
    • Timing
    • Net lengths
    • Cross Talk