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Technical Articles

Author Name: Sarah George

Publish Date: 25-03-2015

Artical Title: What Is A Professional Programmer?

How do people become professional programmers? Many people go the "traditional" path through a computer science or software engineering education and from there into professional programming work.

Others become professional programmers by accident. A person writes a small program to help at work, and their workmates say, "Oh great, you can write programs! You're our programmer now!"

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Other people start out as hobbyists and follow a less traditional path, not always getting a degree, but clearly wanting to be programmers from the start and working actively towards that goal.

I've been a hobbyist programmer since I was 6. I wasn't writing anything amazing back then but I had started writing and soon found it was absorbing most of my time. Since I never really stopped, that gives me 24 years "programming experience" and counting.

At first I was into writing computer games. Later people asked me to write programs for them, and sometimes I even got paid. From this I learned that software is always for something. Programs are not self contained worlds of their own. People expect things out of a program that have more to do with Japanese or Geophysics or Engineering (or whatever they've got in mind) than with how a computer works. I had to learn something about all those domains in order to write programs for them.

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Author Name: Yevgeniy Sverdlik

Publish Date: 10-02-2015

Artical Title: Apple Joins Facebook Hardware Design Community

Apple has officially joined the Open Compute Project, the Facebook-led open source hardware and data center design initiative, after being involved in it quietly for some time.

While the company is known primarily for its consumer devices and iTunes, it also has a massive data center infrastructure that supports its online services. Companies that operate large data centers benefit from designing their own hardware, and OCP has become a beachhead for the community of vendors and end users that support this approach.
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Frank Frankovsy, chair and president of the OCP Foundation, announced the addition of Apple to the list of members during the opening keynote of the foundation’s annual summit in San Jose, California. “Apple has been involved in this project quietly for a long period of time,” he said. “They have excellent infrastructure engineering people.”
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