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Global Engineering Services' (GES) team applies advanced hardware knowledge to embedded software development for effective real-time performance. GES provides embedded software development services, including feasibility studies, system partitioning, embedded software/firmware design and implementation, performance optimization, validation, and debugging. For any mandate, GES quickly understands the project requirements and will tailor its services to your needs. GES can quickly create device drivers for your custom hardware devices, enabling you to focus on your innovative solution and your core competencies.

GES's embedded software development team applies its vast knowledge towards designing embedded software optimized for effective real-time performance. The experienced team possesses hands-on knowledge of many common embedded platforms and operating systems. The architecture of an embedded software system with GES is meticulously developed to deliver optimal performance at the lowest cost.

Embedded software engineering services with GES are often developed as an add-on to one of the other company's services. Whatever the project is, GES strives to offer quality end-to-end design solutions. The company's experience in a range of electronic design services industries allow for fast product design and rapid time-to-market.

Our Embedded Software Design services and capabilities include:

Microcontroller Software

•  IC Sensors
•  Chip Interfaces
•  User Interfaces

DSP Software

•  Audio/Video
•  Custom Algorithms

RF/Wireless Software

•  Bluetooth / Wifi
•  Custom Protocols

USB Software

•  Vendor Defined

Operating Systems

•  Embedded Linux / Android
•  Embedded SF
•  Windows Embedded

PC Software

•  User Application Software
•  Test Software

Programmable Logic


Connect Products

•  Windows
•  Android
•  iOS/MFi