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PCB layout & DFX

We offer board layout services. The layout teams are degreed EEs. Traditional designers approach layout mechanically rather than electrically. Modern designs, however, require a far more comprehensive and diverse approach. This is why we have invested in EEs to actually do the board layout. Our designers understand the schematic and signal integrity domain.

Global Engineering Services (GES) is one of the larger PCB design groups in the world offering board layout services. By running two shifts, we are capable of placing multiple engineers on the board, at the same time. We are very efficient in our approach, and can shrink routing schedules from months to weeks, weeks to days. For situations where boards are very highly constrained and the autorouter is not a good answer, we offer 100% hand routing.

Coming from a CM background offering board layout services, we understand the importance of DFX, and have made it in an investment priority to develop the internal tools necessary to automate these functions. We have transformed mere ideas into high volume products seamlessly. We have an elaborate process in place, incorporating the best DFX practices in our design flow. We have developed a process using industry standard tools including VALOR and also several internally developed scripts. The result produces circuit boards with optimized placement of critical components for robust performance and manufacturability in high volume.

For semiconductor companies, we specialize in providing Silicon Evaluation Boards, and Reference Design Boards. These boards have different considerations than production boards. In the product planning phase, we establish a set of requirements for the project and deploy appropriate methodology to fulfill those requirements.

Being a service company, we offer different business models. You can outsource complete projects to us, or if you have an in-house CAD group, we can work with your team in a TAG-TEAM approach to provide you with the bandwidth required in certain areas. We will customize a business model to your requirements.


We came from the CM world, and have transformed mere ideas into products in high volume offshore production. DFX is well integrated into our design flow in all stages of board layout. All of our designers are well trained on design for manufacturing and design for test issues. We always get live feedback from our in-house manufacturing staff after each run of proto builds. This helps us continuously improve our processes, tools and knowledge base.

We use leading tools like Valor to incorporate DFX into our design flow. In addition to Valor, we have developed a number of scripts to enhance our DFX. We have customized our DFM reports to simple and comprehensible graphics, so that we can quickly identify potential issues. Every time we learn something new, we translate that into scripts to further enhance our design for manufacturability and design for test tools.

Our Strengths in Board Layout Services and DFX are the following:

•   EEs and MEs do your board layout and library development work
•   Run multiple shifts to reduce project schedules
•   Ongoing internship programs with leading universities to help scale our growth
•   10+ years of average experience per designer
•   Excellent delivery track record in board layout services with some of the most leading brand names in Silicon Valley.