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ASIC Design & Verification

Global Engineering Services offers FPGA design services and ASIC design services, as well as ASIC verification and FPGA verification services. ASIC/ FPGA development with GES is performed by experienced designers with an established track record of complex ASIC design and FPGA design. GES's ASIC and FPGA design specialists have backgrounds from some of the industry's most respected companies and have helped forge GES's leading design practices. As FPGA design technology evolves, GES continues to lead with the most advanced and reliable designs in diverse electronic product development industries.

GES's Methodology for ASIC/FPGA Design Services

GES takes your design from concept through specification writing, high-level ASIC/FPGA design, ASIC/FPGA development and integration, and verification. GES meets the most stringent requirements for FPGA development using systematic ASIC design methodologies for project and team management. Usually, a senior architect will write the specifications for the FPGA implementation and manage the project. In parallel, an ASIC/FPGA verification specialist will design a test bench to verify the system to be implemented. Once the architecture of the system and verification environment are documented, both RTL and test bench development are then performed using additional resources. In general, this means that a minimum of three or more designers collaborate on every FPGA design or ASIC design project that GES delivers.

The structured design approach used at GES ensures a high probability of eliminating design errors, thus ensuring a high level of quality and efficiency for faster time-to-market. Communication between team members and the client is transparent GES operates as a natural extension of each client's design engineering department.

ASIC/FPGA Design and Development Platforms

GES has ASIC/FPGA design tools for all major platforms. The company has the ability to meet sophisticated designs with complex requirements.

GES design staff is fully fluent in most of the major implementation and verification languages, including Verilog, VHDL, System Verilog, and OVM.